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Garage Door Maintenance

One of the reasons for turning to us for garage door maintenance in Renton, Washington, is our professionalism to send out only certified techs. While it seems to be a relative simple task, maintenance is far from easy. It demands great knowledge and the ability to pinpoint weaknesses. Needless to say that it requires expert technicians that will be able to take care of any problem and tune-up the system so that it won’t become dangerous. When you leave such services to our Pro Garage Door Repair Renton company, you can be sure of the results.

Garage Door Maintenance Renton

With garage door troubleshooting skills, the pros find all problem areas

We always pick the pros we work with and send you techs with years of experience in garage door troubleshooting. This is vital when it comes to inspecting garage doors. It takes a trained eye to see that the tracks are not perfectly aligned and expert hands to ensure the tracks are properly aligned. That goes for all tasks involved in garage door maintenance service. And the pros have their hands full when they come for service in Renton.

Get spectacular results with our garage door maintenance service

Garage door adjustment and minor repairs are a fraction of what pros do during the service. It’s vital to identify the weak spots and problematic parts first. Then they need to take care of them by doing all sorts of repairs, like adjusting the travel limit or changing the settings of the force or tightening the fasteners. Since your safety is important to us and actually one of the prime reasons why you must make garage door maintenance appointments regularly, the pros focus on every little thing that will make the difference. What do they test and fix?

  • The garage door balance
  • The operation settings
  • The spring tension
  • The cables and tracks
  • The safety reversing system

It goes without saying that the garage door repair Renton WA pros won’t complete the maintenance service before they clean the tracks, lubricate the moving parts, and test the movement of the door. It’s critical that the garage door closes on the floor firmly, moves smoothly, and opens up all the way. With the help of our company, you garage door is tuned-up to be good as new. Give us a call to send you a pro for your garage door maintenance Renton service.

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